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    der Riegele Bierexperten

Experience the Riegele World as a Club Member!

Club Membership Benefits:

  • Beer Expert-Club Membership Card 
  • ProBier-Pack
  • Beer Expert Shirt
  • Beer Expert Newsletter

Become a member today and take advantage of the entire full spectrum of benefits and activities.

These include tastings, gifts, events and many other one-of-a-kind exclusive beer-related benefits.

Become a Riegele Beer Expert!

By becoming a member you are already well on your way to becoming a Beer Expert. As a club member you will be initiated into the secrets of beer-brewing and the pleasures of beer. Your passion for beer will grow and you will learn and experience how superlative beers are created. For all who love the Bavarian beer culture, enjoy good fun and a positive, upbeat take on life, Riegele’s Beer World appeals greatly. Get to know these highlights better...

  • Riegele Brewery Tours from the malting area up hig to the deep beer lagering cellars down below.
  • Riegele’s Beer Academy with instructional classes and seminars
  • Riegele’s BierManufaktur offers locations for events and the opportunity to brew your own beer!
  • Riegele’s Beer Garden with ancient chestnut trees is rich in Biergarten tradition
  • Riegele’s WirtsHaus with Sun Deck-Terrace, offers event locations and even a children’s play area

Furthermore: the Riegele Beer Store has everything your beer-loving heart desires with beer-driven events in the Hops Garden or at the Beer Fountain. Let yourself be pleasantly surprized.

Join the Riegele Beer Experts Club Now – It really pays off!

Membership dues are just € 18.90 a year.

Members are the first to be informed about everything concerning beer events at the Brewery and all other beer-related activities, including receiving Brewery news.

As a member, your special status is rewarded with our annual Beer Expert Gift Package which offers different gifts from year to year. It contains:

  • Your Riegele Beer Expert Club Membership Card
    which is your personal accreditation ID at Club events and activities*
  • Your Riegele ProBeer Sampling Pack
    1 Pack to be picked-up in the Riegele Beer Store**
  • Your own Beer Expert Shirt
    which will be sent to you as soon as you register
  • The Beer Expert Newsletter
    with invitations to Club Events and information regarding all Riegele’s World of Beer activities
  • Your Beer Expert’s Club Member Discount
    Members get 10% off purchases in the Riegele Beer Store as well as for Seminars and Beer Courses. Furthermore, Club Members get special reduced pricing on pre-discounted, monthly retail sales at the Store.
  • Beer Expert Club Events
    Excursions to other breweries, the Beer Experts’ own Reserved-Seating Club Table „Stammtisch“ and many other unpublicized “insider-only“ activities

*  The Beer Expert Club Membership Card is not transferrable
** These items must be picked up no later than 3 months after joining

For further information and to become a member, please visit us at the Riegele Beer Store

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