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A hearty welcome to the Riegele Beer Store! Here’s where you find everything having to do with superior „barley-juice“ and the liquid celebration of life... from the practical side of things such as glass ware, openers, serving tablets and leather aprons, to humorous items as beercase seats, liter beer mug bands, and drinks to go...as well as handsome decorative collectables like hand-painted beer steins, artful cut-glass beer glasses, enamelled signs and lots more... Naturally, we have all our Riegele beer specialties including the Rarities from the Brewery and a wide assortment of gift items and gift baskets. Of course, your can also create your own gift packages for friends, family and fellow beer fans!

Take home those special delights such as...

RIEGELE’S VINTAGE BREWS –  barrel aged luxury in a bottle!

RIEGELE MICHAELI – A hop-laden Märzen for special celebrations

RIEGELE’S HAND-CRAFTED SPECIALTY BREWS – from the fruity Simco 3 up to the powerful Noctus 100!

RIEGELE’S TRADITIONAL BEERS – those great refreshing brews that have given great pleasure since 1386!

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