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Riegele’s great tradition is the basis of its classical and special beer selection. Dating back to 1386, Riegele is recognized and admired the world over as one of the oldest and finest family-owned Bavarian breweries. The Golden Horse is its renowned seal of approval. Since 1386!

Sir Commerzienrat. A gentleman possessing strong character and integrity - as does his beer.

Not everyone asking for his famous beer understood the strict demands he placed on his customers. For Sir Commerzienrat, only the freshest beer would be delivered by the brewery, and only to well-run, clean establishments. In order to ensure that high quality standards were maintained, Sir Commerzienrat personally  inspected virtually every restaurant and tavern that served Riegele. In the world of the Commerzienrat, there was no room for compromise.

Not meeting his stringent quality requirements meant no delivery of Riegele special beers. The Commerzienrat’s unwavering commitment to the practice of high standards and the production of fresh beer is reflected in the brewery to this day. Every Riegele beer is handcrafted using only the finest, natural ingredients.

Commerzienrat Riegele Privat

»Bavarian Craft Festival Beer«

Aechtes Dunkel

»Dark Craft Lager«

Speziator dunkel

»Dark Imperial Lager«

Augsburger Herren Pils

»Craft Premium Pilsener«


»Unfiltered Cellar Ale«

Weizen Doppelbock

»Augustus - Imperial Weizen«

Feines Urhell

»Classical Bavarian Lager«

Alte Weisse

»Dark Craft Weizen«

Weisse Alkoholfrei

»Bavarian alcohol-free Weizen«

Würziges Export

»Export lager«

Speziator hell

»Bavarian Imperial Lager«

Hefe Weisse

»Bavarian Craft Weizen«

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