• Hier ist ein atmosphärisches Bild, dass einen Mann von hinten zeigt, der für eine Frau mit einer Flasche Michaeli überraschen möchte


    Gebraut für den
    besonderen Moment

Effervescently seductive, showing a velvet mouth-feel with a lingering, memorable, fruit-driven finish

Michaeli is a truly pure, hand-crafted creation exclusively brought to life by the Riegele Brewery of Augsburg . It is specifically designed for those extra special moments in life and is made in extremely Limited Edition – because Great Life Moments are not everyday – let yourself be seduced when you uncork that rare bottle. Immediately your nose will be tantalized by a wonderful aroma of fruit. Your tongue will be surprized by the velvet-soft texture. A light flavor of litchee-grapefruit-and mandarine orange reveals to the connoisseur that this arch-typical Bavarian composition has resulted from the use of the „Mandarina Bavaria“ Cascade Hop.


This heavenly expression of beer derives its name from the Archangel, St Michael. Long ago, the brewing year was seasonal. It began on Saint Michael’s name day, September 29th, as was stipulated in the Bavarian Brewing Ordinance of 1516. In order that the beer would stay fresh until the following year, it had to be especially carefully handled and kept very cold in deep cellars chilled by blocks of ice. Today for the production of Michaeli we use the „Steffi“ malt variety and a special Cascade Hop while employing a very long ripening period in the depths of our lagering cellar. The beer is held at a constant temperature of 0’C/ 32’F

Edition by Louis Piana

Frank Müller, 11-star Braumeister, and Sebastian Priller-Riegele, World Champion Beer Sommelier, created this extraordinary brew composition. Together with their congenial friend, the Frenchman Louis Piana, they fashioned Michaeli, this sensational beer – to be shared with others rather than just for celebrating one’s own highpoints in life. Michaeli is the flag-bearer for Riegel’s philosophy of celebrating life’s joy in a liquid way throughout the world. Enjoy this singular Beer Specialty for those special celebrations.

The highest level of the art of brewing

Brewed exclusively in the Riegele Brewery and endorsed by world champion beer sommelier Sebastian B. Priller-Riegele:
»Perfect for celebrations, also excellent as an apéritif!«

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