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    Flüssige Lebensfreude

Celebrating joie de vivre

» We love beer. As a beverage, as a philosophy. Beer is joy. Beer is community. Beer stands for a pleasurable way of life. Honorable, down to earth, non-pedantic. Although it is unbelievably variable and multi-facetted, beer, while complex, is not complicated. Whereby beer is a world unto itself,  filled with pleasurable moments, rich in history, stories and myth. Whoever embarks on this journey to beer to discover this world will be richly, repeatedly rewarded... with each and every swallow.

We call it a beautiful life based on our seven values which we as Independent Brewers revere.

The Art of Brewing and Living

Our Seven Values

  • No.1
    Great freedom

    We are indepedent and are free from corporate, commercial concern or other imposed structures.

    We have the freedom to do what we believe is right. At Riegele we are not governed by shareholder values, goals, or an impersonal board’s direction. We are not beholden to the dictates of any international cartels, stock markets or area managers. This is a key, fundamental principle at the Riegele Brewery.

    We allow ourselves the freedom – even in hard, challenging times – to stand together with our business partners, fully aware that short-term lucrative deals should be eschewed in favor of long-term, established goals and responsible business practises. As part of our freedom we take upon ourselves the task of investing much love and money in our historic brewery to preserve it as it has existed for more than 130 years. We exercize our freedom to visit the barley fields and hop farmers to see our raw materials firsthand before we make our purchases. And, we use our freedom to engage more trainees and apprentices than we actually need. Finally, we opt to use our freedom selecting expensive raw materials and engaging in more-costly brewing procedures in order to produce a better beer for you the consumer.

    So, enjoy your Riegele beers and savor the benefits of the great freedom with which we are endowed!

  • No.2
    Personal responsibility

    We stand by our good name and reputation.

    We live here, just like you our fellow citizens. And we certainly very much want to continue to live, work and be a part of this community, here in Augsburg, in the future as we have for almost 700 years. Therefore, it is completely understandable for Riegele to exercize personal responsibility in our personal and professional behavior and activity here in our region.

    That is why the Riegele Brewery is not a public, share-holding corporation but a personal, family-owned and -operated company for which we are personally accountable. We are directly approachable and all of us are individually responsible for our conduct... since 1386!

    As such, we assume full personal responsibility for our beers and their high quality standards which you expect from Riegele. So, enjoy your Riegele fully because you can take us at our word!

    Above and beyond that, we are personally engaged in Augsburg’s civic life and commercial instititutions including the Augsburg International Chamber of Commerce, Augsburg City Initiative, Rotary Club, the Junior Economic Council, and many other organizations.

  • No.3
    Unique variety

    We offer a genuine variety of taste sensations. 

    Our beers have character. Each one is brewed according to its own recipe, with its own ingredients and its own singular brewing technique. That’s why each of all of our special beers tastes unmistakenly different from the others. Perhaps that’s exactly why not every type of beer is appropriate for every occasion. This is the way things should be. Beers are different because people are different. The Pils enthusiast seeks the bite of hops while the doublebock fan savors the fulsome, hearty malt flavor, and the Urhell drinker delights in the balanced-interplay between hops and malt.

    Each Riegele beer has its own individual taste because each one is different.

    Sample our beers and brewed specialty products just once. Our Brewmaster and our own Beer Sommelier continuously are testing them for you, ensuring quality and character for each and every one so that our diversity remains genuine and real!

    Enjoy one Riegele variety today and a different one tomorrow in order to discover the wide world of Riegele taste sensations – a beer for every taste, season, event and occasion!

  • No.4
    The Highest Quality

    We brew beers with character made with only the finest ingredients. 

    It is not mere circumstance that Riegele belongs to those breweries which receive the highest number of regional, national and global awards. For it is only because of our unconditional commitment to quality that we can celebrate our being chosen as Germany’s „Beer of the Decade,“ „Craft Brewer of the Year,“ many European Beer Star Awards, and the global „Brew Champion of the Year“ selection held annuallt in London! Why is this the case? Part of the reason is Riegele uses mineral water quality for brewing, not municipally-supplied water. We also use aromatic hops rather than bitter hops, and we maintain and cultivate our own yeast „stem cells.“ Furthermore, we use the expensive Riegele technology for eliminating chaff from wholesome, nutritious grain, and our own Riegele 3-way mash brewing process. Our beers do not evolve in a fast-fermentation process. Instead, they ripen over the course of months in our underground beer cellars. And we are all passionate in our dedication; we brew knowledgeably.

    Enjoy our Riegele beers and taste the flavor of Swabian malt and finest Hallertau hops.

  • No.5
    A Clean Environment

    We dedicate ourselves to respecting the environment and nature.

    Caring for the environment means acting in a positive rather than merely passive manner. That’s why we use renewable energy sources like our own solar panels for generating electricity. Our company vehicles use enviroment-friendly Bluetec technology. We are also advocates for reusable materials and stand by our own manifest against the cultivation and use of gene-manipulated grains, which we initiated. That’s why we are the first brewery to receive the EMMAS Environmental Certificate. We also work with recycled heat. We source our raw materials locally in order to eliminate long-distance transportation which wastes energy and creates toxic emissions.

    Working for the environment, we are trying hard... Are you?

    One way to help the environment is to enjoy Riegele beers brewed with regionally-grown raw materials, our beers brought to you in re-cyclable bottles.

  • No.6
    Genuine Tradition

    We’ve been cultivating our love for hand-crafted beer since 1386.

    The Augsburg Municipal Archive has been telling our family history without a break since 1386. It was in that year that the proud history of the original brewery, „The Golden Horse Brewery“ in the Bakers’ Alley first began. Almost 500 years later, in 1884, Sebastian Riegele acquired the current, tradition-rich Augsburg brewing site; the deal was sealed with a handshake which portended much for the future. Today, more than 630 years after first being founded, the Riegele Brewery belongs to the small circle of the oldest breweries of the world and has won the highest renown extending well beyond Augsburg throughout the world. Numerous accounts, published documents, and our „Golden Horse“ logo tell of bygone times and bear witness to authentic brewing history. Some things have changed over the years – but not our love for hand-crafted brewing. That has remained the same – and always will!

    The best way to convince yourself that this is true is by visiting us at the Brewery. That way you can enjoy Riegele which has been brewed with passion for 28 generations!

  • No.7
    Contributing towards Regionality

    We are actively engaged in maintaining local employment opportunities and contributing towards sustaining a healthy regional economic infrastructure.

    We’re from here and we do our share for here: With the Riegele beers you enjoy, you help sustain not only our well-known local associations like the Augsburg Ice Hockey Club and the FC Augsburg Soccer Team, but smaller clubs and groups as well. Among these are the Bunter Kreis which cares for children afflicted with cancer, the Volunteer Center, the Fire Departments and sports clubs like the SV Bergheim, the Augsburg Zoo and many others. We assist youth groups such as the Municipal Youth Circle for which we were given the „Partner for Youth“ award, a Bavaria-wide recognition. Without Riegele’s support there would be far fewer culture offerings and events in our community. And what perhaps is most important is our struggle to create and maintain jobs and training sites. We are not exporting jobs abroad. Instead, we are creating new ones here at home. We don’t let others train our people. We train them ourselves!

    So, drink your Riegele with satisfaction, knowing that Riegele is a mainstay of our home and region.


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