Commitment & Sponsoring

The Riegele Brewery is very strongly rooted and involved in its hometown community. Part of that commitment is our support of our local partners in order to sustain and promote the interests and well-being of our region.

Riegele engages itself corporately in local sport, cultural and social activities as well as being active on a volunteer basis throughout the region. That way we can help build a successful future embedded in our community.


„It’s a wonderful life here...“ especially so for the friends of FC Augsburg! Working together with the Club, Riegele has been able to be part of its fine development and we are proud supporters of the team and its fan base. We’ve experienced a lot since 2007 but we’re sure the best soccer is yet to come. Red, green and white are not only the team’s colors but our corporate colors as well! Can it be a coincidence that Augsburg’s own colors are the same?

Ice Hockey

The Riegele Brewery has been one of the most loyal and reliable partners of the Augsburg Panthers ice hockey team in the German Ice Hockey League. In the course of these many years of close cooperation we have had to bear up under many losses – but there have also been many wins and successes as well! Up and coming young players are dear to our hearts as are the fans... So, without giving away any secrets, we have some wonderful surprizes in store for them next season in the ice stadium.

Until then, get ready, stand up and get counted... Go, Panthers! Go, Panthers’ fans!


Many cultural events reveal some sponsors’ lack of genuine commitment or engagement. But this is never the case with Riegele-sponsored or supported events be it Jazz in the Botanical Garden, the City Youth Circle’s activities, the Riegele Tracht „Bavarian national Attire“ Night, the „Beer Chain“ or the legendary Pub Festival Honky Tonk event. The Riegele team is proud to be part of and partnering these and many other larger and smaller cultural events in order to implement our corporate philosophy „It’s a beautiful life here!“

Social Engagement

The Brewery also exerts itself to be a reliable partner in helping our fellow citizens who are in difficult life circumstances. We support the Bunter Kreis e.V., serving Augsburg’s cancer-afflicted children and their families with help and advice. Other organizations with whom we partner include the Ulrichswerkstätten which we gladly underwrite because they assist the integration of handicapped people in everyday life activities. We also further often unknown, unpublicized other public service activities in our region. As stated, we at Riegele are from here and we are “for“ here, helping create a better life for all – here! That’s our credo and philosophy: everyone does his share. We. You. All of us.

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