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Beer from Women for Women

Can beer be like wine? Must beer be bitter? Which speciality beers pair best with which foods or preparations? And, what is the difference between top- and bottom-brewed beers? These are just a few of the subjects to be discussed at this Ladies Only special seminar.

Learn about beer from an entirely new perspective. Recognizing that women and men perceive things differently, Riegele is pleased to welcome women to an exclusive beer seminar presented by women exclusively for women. The synergy of a group learning experience makes it an unforgettable activity for your friends or organization or associates – a fun, educational event, a gastronomic delight and a bonding opportunity for your club, group or friends to be long remembered – which is exactly what Riegele’s philosophy of beer is all about – „The Joy of Life with Beer!“

A Michaeli Welcoming Toast served in Champagne glasses/ A short tour of the Brewery from the malting area down to the Riegele beer lagering cellars / a four – course surprize menu in the exclusive Riegele Fireplace Dining Room / a conducted tasting of selected specialty beers from the Brewery / a small tasting seminar on flavors with sensory tasting opportunity/ Stories, anecdotes and tales – all about beer. 

ca. 3.5 hours

Groups of 15 - 20 ladies – All participants must be at least 16 years of age

Cost per Person:
€ 59.90 incl. VAT/ MwSt.

Special arrangements (Gifts, sourvenirs, special meals etc.) available on request.

For additonal information or to make reservations simply send an email to info(at)riegele.de or contact us online!

We look forward to hearing from you!


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