Our Awards

Great Beer from a small Family Brewery! Of course we are proud of the many awards which we have attained! They motivate and inspire us simultaneously, urging us on to continue to brew our beers with the same ongoing dedication, passion and knowledge.

For us it is not a matter of the quantity of the prizes we are awarded but the quality or the provence of who is awarding them! 

Therefore it is a special honor for us to be awarded the „Beer of the Decade“ title, the „Best European Brewery“ (European Beer Star 2013,) to be twice-winner of the „Craft Brewer of the Year Award“ ( 2015 and 2017,) to be acknowledged as „Craft Beer of the Year 2016,“ and, „International Lager Champion in 2015.“

As if all that were not enough, we are the 10-times winner of the „German Federal Prize for Quality,“ numerous European Beer Stars, DLG Medals, and Stockholm Beer Festival Awards, as well as the International Champions League of Beer!  

However, don’t just take our word and awards for it: the proof of the pudding is in the tasting – in this case, our beer in your glass! Check it out yourself. Swallow after swallow... you can taste the passion!

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