• Hier ist ein atmosphärisches Bild einer Flasche Magnus 16 mit Glas in einem Fasskeller


    »Perfekt für seltene Momente
    von wahrem Luxus, als Digestif
    oder zu guten Gesprächen«


This handmade creation by Riegele beer manufactory is brewed and aged on wood to craft a special and unique beer. As soon as our liqueur-like vintage beer seduces your plate with notes of orange zest, honey and oak, you will be impressed by its deep complexity of flavor and enjoy inner statisfaction. A long storage on wood is responsible for the soft effervescence of Magnus16. The bordeaux typical aroma result from the juice of wine-soaked strips, which form the wooden barrels. Double fermented on honey with a Trappist-, Ale- and yeast of Champange this vintage beer reached 12 percent alcohol. This level of intensity can only be reached after the angels have taken their Angels‘ Share, the portion that evaporates during storage on wood. Enjoy this beer at a temperature of 18 ° C.

The Art of Brewing

The number stands for the vintage. Only once in history this brewing creation was brewed in the cellars, strictly limited to 1001 bottles. Frank Müller, 11 star master brewer and Sebastian Priller-Riegele, world champion of the beersommeliers determine the perfect moment for bottling. Then something important is created: Magnus.

»Perfect for those infrequent moments of true luxury or for enjoyment as a digestif, or to accompany especially meaningful discussions with family or very close friends.«


»Edition Brandy«


»Edition Sherry«

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